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  • November 22, 2021
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What is Weed Control?

It is a term that means controlling weeds, which are unwanted plants in the field in this case using weed control plastic. Due to weeds, the whole plot of necessary plants gets less water, nutrients, light because of the competition. Hence, farmers are unable to reach their desired plantation goal, in particular the yield of vegetative crops.

Before the plantation work is done, many weeds and unwanted plants grow among the plantations. We have many methods to avoid such growth of unwanted plants, but one of the most effective organic ways of growing them has been, using black plastic. It may not solve the problem of weeds but can instead create stronger and healthier growth of plantations. Let us dig a little deep into weed-controlling methods.

Weed Control in Organic Farming

In organic farming, the prevention of weeds does not get any easier. However, sticking to organic methods and techniques without the use of chemicals may take extra care and effort making it a tiny bit tedious. For example, while sowing the seeds, we must make sure that the seeds are fully clean and have no external growths. When the weeds outgrow the plants, cutting the loose part of the grass at the edges, which results in weed control without damaging the crop, may also be a labor-intensive project.

Weed Control Methods

  1. Restraint measures – Having a clean and hygienic farm, using good and healthy compost, cutting the weeds on time before they affect the plot, and avoiding feeding animals with fodder that contain weeds can help in controlling weeds organically.
  2. Sanative measures – hand pulling, hoeing, burning of seedbeds, and hand weeding are sanative and conducive for the overall physical well-being of crops
  3. Cultivating methods – By using cultivating methods and techniques that can help plants grow faster than weeds can be the easiest way to control weeds. Such techniques could include crop rotations, where the rotations do not let the weeds grow beyond a season and help in more crop growth than weeds from season to season. Growing smoother and easier growing plants like groundnut in between cropping seasons can help in the easier growth of plants. Using fertilizers can be an inorganic method of weed control that has been helping the crops grow faster than weeds.

Landscape Fabric

Landscape fabric is one of the most organic ways to help in weed control. It uses a weed control plastic, which is a sheet constructed from woven fibers or sometimes as a solid sheet with perforated holes to allow water to soak through. Some sheets may or may not offer UV protection. They come in varying widths and lengths to accommodate different landscapes. Therefore, they are made of varying sizes, thickness, and area into rolls for easy coverage over the fields. It can be used as a solid sheet for shrubs and trees also. It helps in putting the unwanted growth away as the weeds and their seeds are buried in the soil beneath and are prevented from sprouting.

Since seedlings need light and air to grow, the weeds that do get to germinate below the landscape fabric get blocked from the sun’s rays, eventually dying and helping in maintaining the purity of the crop. It also helps in enhanced growth of the plantations as it ensures that the soil retains its moisture. However, it may have some disadvantages, such as it does not help the ground animals, such as earthworms, which can assist the soil fertility. There is also a high chance of being expensive, and it could be really hard and laborious to remove the fabric after the harvest is done.

How to Install Weed Control Fabric?

The weed control fabric is very easy to install and lasts for a longer time, even after the work is done. The fabric looks like a black straight belt. The sheet strength does not let the weeds in and spoil the crop. They smooth the spread of weeds, keep the soil fresh and healthy, and help plants grow in a better yielding, organic, and effective method.

Where Can I Buy Landscape Fabric

Ideal Agro Textiles are one of the leading Weed Fabric Manufacturers in India. We offer agricultural solutions enabled through our agri-textiles.

Our weed control fabric in black comes with variations in thickness, size, and is custom-made for farms and landscapes. For more information check out our website at and/or contact us at Ph: 040-27753333 / 27951759 Fax: 040-27757767

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