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Anti-Hail Net for Farms and Gardens

What is Anti Hail Net?

Anti-Hail Net is a Plastic mesh made of High-Density Polyethylene. This filter hails, birds, winds, excessive sunlight etcetera which can damage the crop.

Why Anti-Hail Net?

The main concern of growing a crop is to keep them safe from external factors and netting them is necessary. In many instances, birds, rain, excessive sunlight, and hails have been the major factors in a poor harvest.

These nets are made using HDPE (High-density polyethylene) and come with high-quality designs which can be sized and shaped according to the necessity and it can save the harvest in most adverse conditions.

High-Density Polyethylene has a higher threshold value when it comes to tensile strength, i.e., it takes a lot of pressure from either of its surfaces to break it, and comparing it to the other plastics, HDPE is flexible and lightweight which makes it much easier in installing these UV treated nets around the crops.

Plants use sunlight for photosynthesis and plants need to get exposed to the sunlight. But, as the stratospheric ozone layer is depleting day after day, plants are exposed to UV rays that destroy the plant at a cellular level by damaging their cells and other components. Greenhouses can be used for protecting crops but, Anti-Hail netting is a much safer and better option. Nets filter the UV rays and excess heat into the crops and provide them shade as they are UV treated. This causes a balanced temperature on the farm and helps in the growth of the crop.

Anti Hail Netting for Gardens

Anti Hail Net
Anti Hail Net
Anti Hail Net

Advantages of Anti Hail Netting

Anti-hail Nets are used in various horticultural farms for both vegetables and fruit farms.

  1. Bird Screening: Birds deprecate the crops and damage them and it becomes necessary for the crop owners to implement bird netting to stop birds from damaging the crops. Birds generally people around the crops to find insects, fruits, and seeds. This affects the harvest to a great extent. Netting stops them from attacking the crop and manages the birds from keeping them out of reach.
  2. Rain: Crops need water and most parts and irrigation are used to controllably send the water to the crops. In the rainy season, excessive water can clog near the crops. This causes a drastic reduction of the airflow between the root and the outside environment and the crop dies. Vegetable and horticulture crops are some of the most affected crops which can be devastating for the farmers. As rain cannot be controlled, Anti-Hail netting can help in preserving the crops. They do not let the rainwater pass into the crops and isolate the crop from the rain.
  3. Hail: Just like rain, Hailstone is also a great threat to the crops. Hailstones are condensed and solidified rain that can range from small stones to a large block. These stones, when showered on the crops, can decapitate or damage them partially or completely. For an instance, Apple farm owners in Himachal Pradesh faced a gigantic loss of Rs. 300 crores in 2020-2021. Most of these can be preserved by using Anti-Hail Netting which stops the Hailstones from hitting the farm.
  4. Frost: Anti-Hail netting is implemented for controlling the frost. In winter, the crops generally get affected because of the uncontrolled ice or dew deposit on the crops, affecting their growth. Netting can shield the crops by letting those frosts congregate on the net.

Bird Netting to Protect Plants

Bird Netting
Bird Netting

Anti Hail Net and Bird Netting Manufacturers and Suppliers

IDEAL Agro Textiles are the best Anti hail net manufacturers. It is a Hyderabad-based group of companies specializing in agri-tech products and located in different cities of India. Anti Hail provides customizable sized netting on request. For more information, check our website and/or contact us at Ph: 040-27753333 / 27951759 Fax:040-27757767.