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Agricultural insect meshes

Agricultural insect meshes protect crops from different insect pests. It is in white transparent color to maximum brightness to the crops and available in different sizes to defend from different types of insects. It is much lighter weight than nylon or polyester.

What is Agricultural Netting?

Agricultural netting is using in agricultural insect meshes to protect crops from birds, insects, or environmental damage. It is a very environmentally responsible method and also the most effective for reducing crop damage or yield loss. Agricultural nets are the only way one can give 100% protection to crops while also being ecologically friendly. Even the chemical pesticides that are not biodegradable cannot assure 100% protection.
Netting is also beneficial to the farmer as it gives a huge return on investment as the buying costs of the Agricultural nets are way lower. Netting also gives an increased crop yield while allowing fruit and vegetables to reach an optimum ripeness and sugar content making them more viable in the markets. In most cases, investment costs were recovered in the first year itself. Proper installation and handling can increase the life on the netting to about ten years making the costs almost negligible.

Insect Netting

Insect Netting is a wonderful way of providing insect protection to the crops without using pesticides. All the organic gardening and organic farming industries use these Agricultural nets for fantastic returns.

Netting can protect against bugs such as beetles, grasshoppers, and other stink bugs as well as protect from birds and hail. It can be used as row crop covers or fruit tree covers. Therefore it can work as an all-in-one application.

Insect nets are made out of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material that is UV protected. Since the UV inhibitors are of the highest quality they can be sustainable for many years of service if used properly. The Insect nets have reinforced edges sometimes with buttonholes to tie them down and can join every inch of the field.

Applications of Insect Netting

  • * As row crop covers for vegetable plants against insects.
  • * Hoop covers crops and plants to protect from hail and rain.
  • * Vineyard netting can prevent wasps and vine movement.
  • * Prevents bird peck damages on fruits and vegetables.
  • * Most ecological for organic farming and gardening.
  • * Good airflow and low shade rate help in increasing growth and crop yield.

Advantages of High-density UV Protected Netting Materials

  • * Gives long life over any other materials used for netting.
  • * Does not rot.
  • * Very low shrinkage, and no expansion
  • * Is not affected by humidity.
  • * Much lighter in weight and can float on water.

Anti-Insect Netting

  • *As the insect sizes differ, the anti-insect netting also comes with different specifications. Thrips netting is made from high-density  UV-protected polyethylene with a mesh size of 29mm x .8mm to provide crop protection against thrips and all insects of its size.
  • * Anti-insect/thrips netting is strong and durable for long life. They are tighter with a stronger weave than other products.
  • * Fine Mesh Insect Netting is used for protection against carrot flies, flea beetles, etc.
  • * Fine mesh Netting has lower mesh sizes and significantly reduces evaporation which is great for organic growing or vertical farming.

Agricultural Insect Meshes Manufacturers & Suppliers

IDEAL Agrotextiles are the best manufacturers and suppliers of Agricultural products and have a great chain of satisfied customers for our Agricultural Insect meshes. IDEAL Anti–Insect Net Fabrics conform to all the performance values listed below. We are proud to have a reputation because of our standards that can be confirmed by our test lab and also verified by independent testing carried out at other reputed & accredited laboratories.

Our Anti–Insect Net Fabrics (AINF) are made of Virgin raw material from Polyolefin yarns. Our product is specially designed such that the monofilament yarns are woven together into a stable & uniform fabric structure which makes it most suitable for Polycropping and Greenhouses. They are best suited for vegetables, herbs, blossoms, nurseries, etc.

The anti-insect meshes have been shown to successfully block the penetration of insects and protect against pests such as whiteflies, Leaf Miner, Locust, Aphids, and Thrips.

Our insect meshes have helped to reduce the number of pesticides used as well as control Temperature and Ventilation. The yarns used are U.V stabilized which helps to enhance the life span of the new fabrics

Agricultural Insect Meshes

Features / Benefits:–

-High Stabilized to be resistant to Ultra‐Violet Rays.

-Super accurate weaving for Perfect Mesh and Shade Percentage.

-Light Weight for easy handling, positioning, installation, and storage.

-Round High Strength yarns to provides extra tensile strength.

-Reinforced side edges to eliminate yarn displacement.

-Protects against penetration of various insects and pests and helps in temperature & Ventilation control,

-Reduce the number of pesticides used.

-Acts as a windbreak, creating a calm microclimate and contributing to higher yield.

IDEAL Anti–Insect Net Fabrics conform to the performance values listed below, which have been confirmed by our own test lab and verified by independent testing carried out at reputed & accredited laboratories.


  1. The Values reported are average values derived from in house testing.
  2. Roll length and Roll width may vary as per requirement and customer needs..
  3. Sravya Textiles Ltd reserves the right to change the specifications without prior notice.
  4. Tolerances as per standards .
  5. Usages of Brand Name “IDEAL Anti–Insect Net” fabric reserved.
Agricultural insect meshes
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Agricultural Insect Meshes

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