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Watermelon Mulching Paper

By using Watermelon Mulching Paper outstanding success has been achieved in producing watermelons.

Watermelon Farming by Mulching Method  

Watermelons take at least 2.5-3 months to grow into their full shape. It takes a good amount of water, suitable sunlight, and warmth to grow and moisture or frost can severely damage the crop, which is why much of watermelon cultivation is happening inside the southern part of India where the climate ranges from moderate to high for most elements or the entire year. To let the crop grow in a great condition, it’s far encouraged to opt for mulching, which is the easiest way to regularize the crop’s situations.

Why Mulching for Watermelon?

Excessive water is an alarming condition as more water accumulates, the melon swells which may also lead to melon bursting. Mulching paper covers the crop which barres the rain from falling on it. In this manner, we can ensure the controlled flow of water into the crop as rainwater is not allowed.

Soil temperature is essential. It is a summer crop for crops like a watermelon that grows at a slight to high temperature. In winters, cold temperatures, fog can induce cold temperatures in the soil. Watermelon mulching paper can isolate the soil from those cold temperatures and warm the soil which lets the crop grow in unseasonal periods.

Mulching keeps away the weeds and insects from the crop by not letting them attain the crop, controlling the temperature and moisture degree of the soil.

Which Mulching Paper is Better for Watermelon?

Even though hay and leaf mulches are natural and show good results, a black polyethylene mulch gives better outcomes in shading, absorbing light, regulating the temperature of the crop, isolating the crops from outside, etc.

IDEAL agro textiles provide any consultation one wants regarding their crops. We have a wide range of mulches, meshes, anti-hail nets, etc. For more information, visit our website or reach us at 2nd floor Ideal Towers, opp. BHEL enclave, Akbar Road, Tadbund, Secunderabad -500 009, Telangana. To contact us, call 040-27756001 / 27753333 or send a mail to

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