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HDPE Monofilament Yarns

HDPE  Monofilament Yarns are materials that are used for weaving braiding and twisting applications in agro, geo, and industrial textiles.

Polyethylene is the most popular form of plastic with a very simple structure of Carbon and hydrogen atoms chemically connected in the form of long chains. There are two types of polyethylene:

  1. Branched or Low-density Polyethylene(LDPE): easier to make and cheaper
  2. Linear or High-density polyethylene(HDPE): More stringer and mostly used

Advantages of HDPE

  • * HDPE has high crystallinity and high melting temperatures
  • * Also called linear PE, HDPE gives greater hardness and tensile strength
  • * Widely used in bottles, housewares, pipes, wires, and cable insulations

Uses of HDPE Monofilament Yarns

  • * Weaving material for agro textiles such as filters, shade nets, industrial textiles, and furnishing fabrics
  • * Braiding material for ropes, fishing nets, fences, rubber bands, and strings
  • * Knitting and twisting into safety nets, protection covers, open packaging, and marking materials
  • * Reinforcement material for coating products

Applications of HDPE Monofilaments

  • * Nets and fabrics for agricultural textiles
  • * Shade nets, sun breakers, blinds, safety nets, wind walls
  • * Swimming pool covers
  • * Fishing nets
  • * Ropes and strings
  • * Reinforcements in coated plastic products

HDPE Manufacturers and Suppliers

HDPE Yarns manufactured by Ideal Agro Textiles are the suitable starting material for weaving, braiding, and twisting applications. Their technical characteristics offer resistance to acids and alkalis. Ideal Agro Textiles company has been established in the year 2000 and is ISO-2015 certified. We are one of the leading manufacturers of HDPE Monofilament yarn in all thicknesses and colors.

hdpe monofilament yarns

HDPE Mono Filament have been universally proven to be very strong. Some of the features include are:

  • * Better yarn strength and finishing
  • * Monofilament yarn available with UV protectivity.
  • * Yarns can be made with Pesticide and Sulphur Resistivity.
  • * Uniformity in Size:1.5 Kgs to 3Kgs on Cores.
  • * High-quality spinning ensures an excellent result in warping, weaving, knitting, and braiding.
  • * Round and Even Shape yarn
  • * The wide range is supported by a rich color palette that includes natural, white, black, and a large variety of colors with tested colorfastness.
  • * Excellent Technical Parameters, High Tenacity, Chemical Resistance, and Flexibility.
  • * Yarn Thickness if from 0.1mm to 0.7mm (70dr to 3300dr)

Ideal HDPE monofilament yarns have been very successfully used over the years for Anti Insect nets, Anti-Birds Nets, Fishing Nets Building Fabrics such as Scaffolding Nets, Ropes and Strings, Geotextiles, Scrubber yarns, and more.

hdpe monofilament yarns
hdpe monofilament yarns
hdpe monofilament yarns

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