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Chilli Mulching Paper

Using Chilli Mulching Paper is an effective way to grow chilli crops and is the most used and safest agricultural practice.

Chilli Crop Mulching

Chillies, which were mostly grown and used only in tropical climates have now reached countries across the globe because of the exchange of cuisines and recipes from the tropical countries. Not only have the recipes using chillies grown tremendously over the last few decades, but also the demand for chillies worldwide. Chilli cultivation is one of the most profitable, multi-seasonal crops that are not only produced on a large scale but also equally consumed in India. Its large-scale production of at least 12.5 lakh tonnes every year reflects the demand for chilli in India. India is also a major exporter of chilli with a high commercial value because of the increasing demand for chilli production globally. 

Due to the growing conditions of the chilli crop, many farmers follow mulching, which lets the crop grow steadily and does not affect the quality of the final harvest.

Ideal Conditions For Chilli Cultivation

Chilli can be grown in both Kharif and Rabi seasons. Chilli cultivation requires low moisture. However, it needs soil which is best in absorbing the moisture. Therefore, Black soil is the most preferred for growing chillies. Mulching increases the temperature of the soil, keeping the crop alive. There are different types of Mulching Papers that are used for chilli crop mulching. They vary upon the different temperatures, moisture levels, and cultivator preferences for one to select them according to the agricultural requirements. An ideal condition for chili growth is supported by humid and dry weather, so Andhra Pradesh holds a majority in the amount of chili cultivation in India. 

Even though the Chilli Mulching Paper is mainly used to control the temperature and moisture of the soil, it serves more purposes than it is intended for. For instance, it blocks the rainwater and saves the chili from rotting. It maintains the shape, quality of the chili fruit and seed until the harvest, covers the crop from weeds, enables microbial activity by controlling the moisture and humidity of the soil, and even covers the crop from snow or dew which happens in places like Himachal Pradesh.

Chilli Mulching paper manufacturers from Telangana.

IDEAL agro textiles provide you with the most reliable plastic Chilli Mulching Paper for Chilli Cultivation. Our Mulch Films are effective in protecting the crops from getting damaged and help a farmer to gain the best out of his harvest.   

We provide any consultation regarding mulches, meshes, anti-hail nets, etc. For more information, visit our website or reach us at 2nd floor Ideal Towers, opp. BHEL enclave, Akbar Road, Tadbund, Secunderabad -500 009, Telangana. To contact us, call 040-27756001 / 27753333 or send a mail to

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