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We are here with useful information about poly house subsidy in Telangana and polyhouse construction costs.

What is Poly house?

Polyhouse is a building made from a transparent material, polythene. In which plants can be grown under a controlled climate. The structure and size vary as required. A poly house is a polythene house, in which the interior becomes warm on sunlight exposure and inhibits the greenhouse gases to escape out. In cold weather, the internal temperature is maintained manually for the plants.

Characteristics of a Poly house:

Polyhouse is a system of secured cultivation in agriculture. Polythene plastic is used to cover the poly house structure. Protected cultivation under the poly house is gaining importance these days. It proves to be convenient for the farmers. Off-season cultivation of vegetables enables the farmers to have a better price realization.

  • It gives the right environmental facilities which can be cultivated at any season.
  • Plants grow faster as a high temperature is maintained.
  • Fertilization and drip irrigation are easy and automatic
  • Yields are 8-10 times higher than the crops grown in the open fields.
  • Suitable for organic farming.
  • Management of insect pests, diseases, and weeds is easier under these polyhouse structures.
  • This structure is ideally appropriate for small farmers and unemployed youth from rural areas.

Poly house subsidy in Telangana

Telangana Government through the department of horticulture launched a scheme known as Poly house subsidy Scheme/greenhouse subsidy Scheme in the year 2014-2015. This scheme introduces a 75% subsidy to promote the cultivation of high-value vegetables and flowers. In 2016-2017 the subsidy enhanced up to 95% for SC/ST farmers.
Beneficiaries are eligible for up to a minimum of 200sq.meters and a maximum of 12000sq.meters(3 acres) under the general category and a maximum of 1 acre under the SC/ST category.

Objectives of this Poly house subsidy Scheme

  • To enhance yield and productivity than usual
  • Promotion of high-value horticulture crops under polyhouse
  • To change seasonal crops to all-season crops.

Achievements under poly house subsidy Scheme :

  • Around 1150 acres have been covered by 917 farmers under polyhouse across the state in 2014-2015.
  • 700/1150 acres are under plantation and the remaining are used for diversified executions.

Guide To Poly house subsidy in Telangana and polyhouse construction cost :

A poly house subsidy is a form of fixed aid or support extended to an economic sector generally intending to promote economic and social policy.

  • Each farmer is eligible to construct a polyhouse ranging up to 200sq.mts to 3 acres.
  • Here the farmer bears 25% of the cost and the Government releases the balance 75% of the cost in tranches.

As the investment cost of a poly house reached up to Rs. 9.84 lakhs a 1000sq.meters the government shares the investment barrier with farmers.

The structural construction of a poly house can be completed within 45 days, another extension of 15 days could be considered only in a justified written form. An oral request is not taken into account.

Basic requirements for establishing a poly house

  • Farmers can approach the impaneled companies and registered companies(Bank of Baroda)
  • Soil suitability and fertility are noted for the purpose of construction and farming.
  • Proper drainage system is necessary.
  • The East and south directions can be open for sunlight and the north and west direction has to protect from wind
  • Area of construction should be shade-free
  • Wind velocity can be from 80.6miles/hr. to 120km/hr. or 36mts/sec for the polyhouse building to withstand.
  • Training program is necessary for farmers for farming and packing.
  • A display board depicting the department of horticulture, Government of Telangana, with the name of the area, village, mandala, survey number sanction proceedings, date name of the concern, address of the construction, etc to be placed at the premises.

Construction Cost per Acre of Polyhouse

Wooden/ bamboo poly houseMetal structured poly houseShed net
Rs.500/- sq. meter including value of drip- irrigation/ fertigation unit/ fogging.Rs.750/-sq. meter including the value of drip irrigation unit/ fertigation unit/ foggingRs.250/- per sq. meter including the value of drip/ sprinkler irrigation system.
Misting system @ Rs.100/- per sq. meter. (Rs.400/- per sq. meter for poly house and Rs.100/- per sq. meter for micro-irrigation.Misting system @ Rs.100/- per sq. meter. (Rs.650/- per sq. meter for poly house and Rs.100/- per sq. meter for micro-irrigation system)(Rs.200/- per sq. meter for shade -house and Rs.50/- per sq. meter for micro-irrigation system).
Bamboo/ wooden poly house cost per acre Rs. 2023500/-The metal-designed poly house cost per acre Rs. 3035250/-.Shed net cost per acre Rs. 1011750/-.

Polyhouse can be designed in different ways as per the selected crop, geography, and preferred longevity. Though the construction cost is moderately high one can apply for Govt. subsidy which ranges from 50% to 75% in particular states.

Ideal Agro Products

Polyhouse farming is an inexpensive system to improve crop yield and improve the efficiency of traditional agricultural practices as we know that outdoor crops are more unprotected from rapid climate change, pathogens, and insect pests. By poly house agriculture, we can control the influence of the interchange environment and diseases.

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