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Agro Shade Net

Agro Shade net is applied to provide shade in various horticultural and agricultural farms to cultivate fruits and vegetable crops. They are also used as protecting nets from birds, scaffolding nets, construction nets, etc. The nets protect crops from natural weather conditions such as wind, rain, hail, frost, snow, bird, and insects. These shade nets are made out of 100 % Virgin HDPE granules and provide broad density shades ranging from 25% to 95%. The agro shade net is a barrier and a very organic method to protect plants from pests and animals consequently benefitting harvest. They are flexible, light, yet durable, and easy to install by spreading over the area and pinned to simple support structures.

Features of Agro Shade Nets

  • Made from 100% virgin HDPE
  • Has high tensile strength
  • Long-lasting, durable, and easy to install
  • Protects crops from direct exposure to UV rays and excessive sunlight
  • Protects plants from heat-reducing evaporation and helping in water retention
  • Provides strength to crops from heavy rains or hailstorms
  • Diffracts uniform light over the farm area for better yields of crops in every corner
  • Gives protection to crops from insects, birds, and other pests.

Shade net Applications:

Agricultural nets/Shade net farming:

Agro nets are used to cover farms where crops are cultivated. Majorly used for protection from harsh sunlight to give shade they are extensively used in the production of graft saplings to reduce their mortality during hot summer days. Crops need protection from rains, hails, frost, snow, etc. to give the best quality agro-products.

Greenhouse nets/ Shade net house:

Shade Nets are used to cover the greenhouses to control and manage temperature and humid conditions. It is also called shade net farming.

Anti-hail shade nets:

Made from high-density polyethylene, the agro shade nets are also super stabilized to stand against UV rays, durable enough to prevent hail damage. In a broad variety of crops, hail nets with high-quality latest designs are used to protect fruit, shrubs, buds, and seedings from damage caused by hail. Widths up to 9 meters are available with more knitted on request.

Construction site nets/safety Shade net house :

Shade net houses are used for protection in construction sites. When spread and tied up on the Construction site, it can prevent falls from heights. Hence the name Construction Safety Net. They are also used to safeguard against debris and sun at the work or construction site.

Decorative nets/Interior and exterior shade net decorations:

Shade nets can be specially designed for special purposes to be used as decorations. They can be made out of different materials, types of shades, sizes, and colors to suit the decorative designs. Sunsafe Nets are used by tent house suppliers, Mandap services, and many other decorations during outdoor or indoor events.

Other applications:

Shade nets are also useful for other purposes such as windbreakers, to cover swimming pools, as poultry shades, parking shades, temporary tents, and sheds, etc.

Agro shade net manufacturers in Hyderabad :

IDEAL AGROTEXTILES are the best Agro shade net manufacturers. It is a Hyderabad-based group of companies specializing in agri-tech products and located in different cities. Ideal agro manufactures and supplies the best quality Agro Shade nets with specified details and customized requirements. Ideal shade nets are reputed in the market and recognized as premium products within the Agri industry.

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